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Hello buddies! You know computers are everywhere. Let it be agriculture, entertainment, or manufacturing or some other field. It is just all over.
As I have already said in my previous blog that with technology comes magic, it’s a power to create something new. You could create your own apps, your own website, your own fashion collection, your own movies, your own job, your own company or anything you love.  After you have decided what you want to create you need to learn how to create it.
To learn to build your own software is one the most exciting thing that one can possibly do and I got this opportunity at Career Shiner - the best training centre in Noida. Here I learnt to code and found my dream job. Here I found my experts and was free to ask any of my queries and doubts. They made me learn what type of questions I really need to ask. Most importantly, you should not stop asking questions. Someone once said, “It’s not that I am so smart but I stay with questions longer.” That was Albert. He was five when he asked his dad how does a compass work. Later he created the theory of relativity.
 So now, after you have executed your creation, you need to share it. The best case scenario is that everyone loves it and freaks out. They are like "wait, you made that. How did you make that? That's incredible and you succeeded. “Other best case scenario is that you fail especially flat on your face and they are like "wow that's really good. You are still in school right? ". But remember, you will learn things through failing that success will never teach you. Someone once said, "Real artist’s ship" i.e. real artists share their work. That was Steve. He was 20 when he created Apple.
You need to do this over and over again. It’s a cycle - learn, decide and execute. It's something that you do as you move forward because every time you succeed and every time you fail that's a step forward and you are better for it. This is how Career Shiner helped me find my dream job.    
Career Shiner is one the best software training centres in Noida where I learnt to solve my own problems and got a golden chance to really shine my career. The team here is very supportive and always encourages a two-way communication environment. I got to work on their live projects which are really life changing because then I was practically implementing my knowledge and was able to see the working results instantly on my laptop.

They made me technology-independent as I got to learn each and everything that is involved in making a software i.e. server-side programming, client-side programming and middleware where the heart of a software, the business logic is implemented. Here, they can train you in several technologies. They are - Java, Dot Net, Php, Android, Python, C, C++ and many more. So last but not the least, I recommend you to join Career Shiner - the one and only who shines your career.


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