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Hi friends! This time, before starting the blog, I would like to tell you how my journey with coding started. When I was ten years old, I received a magic gift. My dad gave me computer. He didn’t put any games on it. He said if I want games I need to learn how to make my own. So, my dad introduced me to computer programming.
In most parts of the world most kids don’t have access to this magic gift. This is something we can change and this is something that is changing. It’s an enormous challenge and enormous curriculum of world schools and in the last three years there has been an unbelievable and unprecedented movement led by teachers. Seven countries have declared computer science as part of national curriculum. Twenty states across America have changed their education policies to embrace coding and 120 school districts have partnered with ‘code.org’.

But ‘why does everyone needs to learn how to code?’ is a legitimate question. After all, we have mechanics to repair our cars, we have doctors for medicines, and can’t we just leave coding to the coders. Maths isn’t just for mathematicians. Every public school teaches these topics because they are foundational to other pursuits. We don’t send kids to school just to just to learn how to divide or how to factor polynomials. It is not because they are going to grow up to be factoring polynomials for the rest of their lives. Math is about logic and problem solving. It teaches how to think. Well, computer science is also about logic and problem solving and learning how to think and it teaches some of the same advanced concepts as math in a way. Coding is even more fun and engaging than math is. It makes advanced concepts easier to grasp at a younger age. English as a subject in schools prepares students for college and for life. It is indispensable to higher education. The same way, computer science stimulates imagination, creativity and sharing new ideas.  So, this way, computer science is foundational and every public school should offer it as part of curriculum.

Career Shiner, one of the best software training institutes in Noida, is the one which provides workshops on how to get started with coding. Here, they train people from all walks of life. The learning environment they create to learn any software technology is commendable. Here, you become hands-on with coding within months and you are able to assist them in their live software projects. That’s a really good start. So, if you are looking for software development and really want to solve your problems, then should join Career Shiner, the one who shines your career.


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