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Hello friends! In the world of computer programming, it is the job of software developers to solve the problems of users. Users present a problem and developers solve it. Whenever these roles are reversed, trouble ensues. This is the time when most people come out and start learning codes.
Most people’s journey towards learning to program starts with a single late night Google search. They probably search for something like: “Which programming language should I learn first?”, but how do they decide which language to search for? Deciding on your first programming language can be a fun process. But before you get started, let me remind you: it will take you hundreds of hours of practice to become even remotely competent with your first programming language. So you should consider the following factors:
·         the job market for the language
·         the long-term prospects for the language
·         how easy the language is to learn
·         what projects you can build while you’re learning (and share with friends so you can stay motivated)

When it comes to choosing a first programming language, there’s no shortage of options. To make it simple for you, it’s ‘Java’ that you should get started with. Java has its own ups and downs. You could implement any end of your software in any programming language but the business logic which the heart of your software has to be implemented in Java. Moreover, it’s simple and very easy to learn.
We should always keep moving forward and try solving our own problems. Then, you are not only solving that problem for yourself but for the whole world.

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